INSIGHTER is an international marketing agency that studies the relationship between companies and its clients, mainly through market research in Spain, France, UK, Greece, Russia and China

Our main business focus is in:

  • Start-ups
  • SMEs (small and medium enterprises) 

We offer more than a 10-year experience in marketing and market research across various sectors.

We are an ambitious multi-cultural team that provides quantitative and qualitative analysis and insights to our B2B clients and partners worldwide. Our mission is to become the benchmark in the sector as well as a beneficial long-term business partner for your business regardless of its size.

In order to provide relevant, up-to-date information our own representative offices are spread across Europe and Asia.

why choose insighter?

  • EXPERIENCE: We are experts in the luxury retail segment, with more then 10-year experience in marketing.
  • CUSTOMIZED APPROACH: Each project is unique and, with the help of our international offices, we prepare each step of the project in an individualized manner keeping in mind our client´s goals.
  • MULTICULTURAL TEAM: We are a truly international agency. Our team consists of specialists from all over the world, which gives our clients an accurate insight into current market situation in each region.
  • 24/7/365 SUPPORT: We offer a full-time support to our clients, partners and assistants who can contact us via email, phone, HELP section and our platform. Everything you may need to keep in touch with us.


  • QUALITY: A core value for any business is not just quality, but its highest standards. It builds reputation, loyalty and trust. And, to perform Mystery Shopping services evaluating work of the Company’s employees and staff, one must have his own appropriate level of services. And, of course, a unique training, carefully selected profiles and our own international offices guarantee the same high level of quality of Mystery Shopping services in all markets around the world
  • RELEVANCE: The only correct way to make complete and accurate analysis of current market situation is to collect relevant, up-to-date information. We achieve this goal through weekly and monthly market research, continuous management improvement and detailed feedback from our Assistants and Clients.
  • PRIVACY POLICY: One of our main objectives is to provide confidence and trust to our Clients as well as to our Assistants. That is why all the information (personal and/or corporate) provided to INSIGHTER is considered confidential and can only be revealed to the Third Party in order to fulfill the objectives of the project. To learn more about our Privacy Policy, please, do not hesitate to contact our officesAll our employees and Assistants sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

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