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You have an idea for a business and, after conducting a Market Research, you know that this idea has market potential. However to be able to effectively bring it to life you require a detailed plan of your business. Because a business plan plays an essential dual function:


It works as a presentation describing in detail economic viability of your business. It works as a first step in the conversation with any potential investor. These documents written in a universal economic and financial language demonstrates that your idea is competitive and profitable.

plan of action

Its second function is equally important because after acquiring necessary investment a correctly conducted business plan will serve as a practical plan of action for years to come. This a foundation of your business that touches on all aspects, from production to sales, from management to marketing and promotion, from financial calculations to profitability.

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business plan

Business plan among other things must be feasible, achievable instrument, which is especially important for both Start-ups and small enterprises. And this is INSIGHTER´s main mission.


Here we offer a simplified version of a business plan and its structure, which is always pre-agreed with you, may include:

  • “Basic” market research
  • Company strategy
  • Production plan
  • Sales strategy

Depending on the size of your business, its stage or current budget, INSIGHTER provides a personalized and achievable business plan


And if a business is built from scratch, we design a comprehensive plan that will increase investment attractiveness of the project, as well as develop all the steps of its future growth.

In this case, we add to the “Basic” plan:

  • “Complete” market analysis
  • Financial plan

And, after your business plan is ready, we can proceed to the last stage which is Marketing Plan that describes methods and instruments of an efficient contact with your potential client.

marketing plan

Where and how you should contact your potential clients… What should be your marketing message and what tools you should use… How to turn your potential client into a loyal one… Marketing Plan is a customer focus of your business at all stages of work, where every decision comes from the client´s needs. INSIGHTER provides this service to Start-ups and small businesses.


This introductory package can include the following:

  • Target
  • USP (Unique selling proposition)
  • Pricing and positioning
  • Special offers
  • Marketing materials
  • Promotional strategy


If your business is interested in a successful implementation of the customer-oriented strategy, INSIGHTER offers a complete Marketing Plan that includes apart from the aforementioned:

  • Online strategy (Digital marketing)
  • Conversion
  • Partnerships and alliances
  • Client retention strategy
  • Financial forecasts
  • Summaries and recommendations

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