what is market research

If mystery shopping focuses on current tasks, Market research offers a comprehensive analysis of quantitative and qualitative data that help make the right short- and long-term decisions.

Through Basic and Complete packages INSIGHTER studies clients, suppliers and competitors, their promotional campaigns, products and pricing, as well as their strengths and weaknesses in detail.


  • What is the Company’s current market position?
  • How each market force influences the Company, including the customer?
  • What the Company must do to maintain and / or improve its market position?


All the data gathered during the research create a detailed report that provides recommendations on improving your current market situation. These recommendations help increase efficiency of:

  • SWOT and Maps of positioning
  • Branding
  • Products range and Pricing
  • Advertising budget
  • Corporate standards and HR

And, when talking about Start-ups, Market Research is the basis of a Business Plan.


This introductory study is perfect for SME (small and medium enterprises) in terms of quick analysis of the current market situation, which helps create the overall picture of the market.


In every project we begin with the goals of your business regardless of its size. That is why, before starting to work on the project, we meet to discuss your company´s needs.


INSIGHTER gathers relevant data on the following market elements:

  • Market volume (current)
  • Competition
  • Clients
  • Prices
  • Products
  • Trends (current)

This type of research takes up from 1-2 weeks and depends on your goals


This service in a comprehensive, detailed and personalized study of your market, which apart from offering the analysis itself, provides recommendations on improving your current market position.


  • Market volume (in dynamics, 5 years)
  • Competition
  • Adjacent markets and their players
  • Clients (portrait of the customer)
  • Suppliers
  • Prices
  • Products and substitutes
  • Trends (current and future)
  • Summaries
  • Recommendations
  • Maps of positioning

All these results are the foundation for a Business Plan and Market Plan of your projects as well as a guidebook for all your future operations. *contents of a market research depends on the goals of your business. It helps us adapt yourselves to the needs of any Client

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