mystery shopping

It is an analysis of the company’s customer service. Mystery shopping is one of the most simple and effective ways to study your market and is also a first part of Market research, on which INSIGHTER´s follow-up work is based.


  • In-store visit
  • Mystery calling
  • Mystery mailing
  • Website check
  • Audio, video and photo reports
  • Local and international missions
  • Competitive analysis


INSIGHTER offers its knowledge and expertise in design and management of the mystery shopping projects for various market sectors and segments locally and internationally: Retail, FMCG, Fine dining, Hospitality, Banking & Finance, Transportation, Dealerships, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Tourism, Real estate, and many more

WHY it is important

The mystery shopping method helps answer essential questions that influence directly on the costumer´s shopping experience:

  • Do you follow the established corporate standards?
  • Do you accurately convey the marketing message?
  • What is the level of customer´s satisfaction?

competitive analysis

Moreover, mystery shopping is not just an analysis of your business, but also a study of your competitors and their approach to dealing with end customers because for your clients cognition comes through comparison. And to be able to keep up with the market trends it is essential to constantly analyze your key competition:

  • What is the difference between the way your company and your competitor(s) approach customer service?
  • What is their marketing message?
  • What is the price difference and how it influences the final decision?

who is the insighter assistant?

He is a young student with a desire to change the world. She is an elderly woman with a vast life experience and shopping expertise. They are parents of three and they understand family tourism better than anyone.

INSIGHTER Assistant looks like any other customer in the store, hotel or restaurant. However he possesses a unique distinctive quality. He is one of the few who have the real power to make a difference. He provides precise and relevant information thus improving the overall quality of shopping experience for everyone. It is mystery shopping in its purity but with a unique INSIGHTER touch. To become part of INSIGHTER´s projects, please create your account.


  • Punctual: Our assistants always perform missions in a pre-established time-frame. If they are not able to arrive on time and/or perform the mission, they immediately contact our company to cancel the mission. They also submit their reports in a pre-established time-frame.
  • Confidential: They never reveal to neither staff nor employees of the location that they are working as mystery shoppers and never take out their questionnaires and take notes during the mission.
  • Accurate: Filling in the questionnaire, they provide accurate, precise information. They fill in all required fields and provide additional commentaries.
  • Available/Flexible: They have time to perform the missions, to answer representatives questions about the data provided in their reports in person, by phone or email. They adapt easily to changes that may occur before or during the mission
  • Up-To-Date: They check every email and text message from the Company, answer as soon as they can and, this way, keep themselves well-informed.
  • Independent: They know how to not get lost in a big city and how to act within a tight-schedule
  • Dress Code: They understand the profile of the client and know what clothes they must wear in each case


No need. Though it is true that we are always glad to work with professional mystery shoppers who know their job from for A to Z, we are interested in ambitious, responsible and trustworthy people. We will provide all the necessary information to carry out local and international missions. The rest will come along .
Please, sign up to our website and fill in as many fields as possible. Later on, in order to actually be accepted for our missions, you must complete the INSIGHTER assistant test that you can find in the section “My certifications” in your personal area. You will have three attempts to answer correctly at least 80% of the questions. 
It depends on the profile. Some clients require certain types of customers and some always need very broad groups. But the more information you provide the more mystery shopping assignments we will be able to offer you.
Once we have a mission for you, we will get in touch with you through our website or by email or phone.
Though the method of contact can vary, you will always have all your missions in your account in the website.
The remuneration will be paid at the end of the mission only if and when the performed mission is officially accepted by the Company and / or the Client; you will receive the notification when it happens. The agreed remuneration will be transferred to your bank account starting from the 15th of the month following the month when the project was completed. In order to know further details about the payment method, please consult the Annex and official documents of the mission. 
Sometimes yes and sometimes INSIGHTER or the Client provide funds to be spent during the mission. If you provide your own money, you will be compensated (before or after the mission) in full or you will have the right to keep the product you have purchased. In any case, you will always have this information in advance before accepting the mission which will be specified in the Annex.
When travelling abroad you will need an ID and a PASSPORT. Some nationalities will also need to prepare visas to be able to enter certain countries. A copy of your identification document will have to be uploaded in the section “My Photos” at your INSIGHTER personal area. Please, consult the list of documents required to enter a country or countries of the mission(s) in a correspondent Consulate. Preparation of these documents is the Assistant´s responsibility. In some cases we are able to cover the costs of the preparation process.
We bear costs of flight/train/bus tickets, hotels and taxis (which are directly connected with the mission). Meals are excluded.
If, after successfully completing the mission, you want to stay in the city a couple of days, you cover these costs.
You have three opportunities to pass it and score at least 80 percent out of the total questions correctly. If you do not achieve it, you will be dismissed as an eligible INSIGHTER Assistant.
There may be several reasons for this:

First and foremost, make sure you filled in as many fields as possible in “my info” section in your account, because some missions require more detailed information from the assistant. Otherwise we cannot filter properly the profiles

It is also possible that the city or country where you live does not have missions for your profile at the moment. As soon as we have a mission for you, we will inform you through the website platform and via email notification.
Due to our confidentiality policy we cannot disclose such information. These are companies from various market segments and sectors. The name of the company will be provided to you upon accepting the mission.
You must get in contact, preferably by phone, with the representative office where you operate as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can also send us an email or contact us through the message section in your account.
All the Assistants that chose “yes” in “international missions” question in the registration form are considered for these types of missions. However you must show first your professionality in the local missions as well as have a necessary level of English among other requirements (please check the section of requirements to learn further). If your profile meets the aforementioned criteria, you will take part in the selection process for international mission.

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