We continue with marketing strategies for SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) analyzing  different sectors to discover their strong and weak points.  Today we offer you some  marketing  recommendations for shoe stores that you can add to you business plan in response to the success of on line shoe stores and franchisees in order to attract loyal shoe store clients.

marketing para pyme

Shoe Store Marketing | Marketing for SME


INSIGHTER brings you some advice that could be adapted and studied in depth for every shoe store in order to  implement a completely personalized marketing plan for a SME.




  1. Create a web page: Due to the large amount of competition on the Internet, a small shoe store should carefully and properly maintain an on line image. This should be done through a simple and attractive web page that shows their different products and allows customers to locate the business.
  2. On line sales: On the web page you could include  an on line sales system with different categories to not only increase sales but also provide access to size consulting and shoe recommendations for the store’s clients.
  3. Social Media: Having presence in social media is now a fundamental requirement to gain loyal customers.
  4. Competitions/Raffles: Take advantage of your social media presence on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by performing small actions like competitions and/or raffles that will aid in follower interaction and attract a greater flow of potential clients.




  1. Carry out a study and corporate identity plan to remodel your store and adapt it to new trends.
  2. Update your business model by renewing forms of payment (credit card, cell phone, etc), return and exchange policies or even include other products in your store like bags or accessories.
  3. Establish a protocol for your sales team in order to offer good customer service.
  4.  Implement a local publicity campaign using the correct means of communication and adjusting them to fit the shoe store’s corporate identity.